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I personally love this book!

I have waited a long time, for someone to publish a book regarding Titanic's passengers and crew, and not just a basic list on the inside cover, or back cover of Titanic Books!

If you are looking to find a relative or someone who may have been on Titanic, this is the book you are looking for! The book not only gives the names of passengers and crew, but their ages (in most cases); where they lived; where they boarded; (their position as a crew member) or as a passenger and their class; whether they survived, or were lost, and more!

***This book is a must-have for Titanic enthusiasts!***

I endorse this book, and recommend it highly!

Norm Lewis

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Welcome to Lordline

Memory Lane Images: Internet & eBay Sales

Welcome to Memory Lane Images, We Sell Memories ….

 Memory Lane is Hull’s premier photographic archive website, with a private collection of over 50,000 nostalgic images of Hull and the surrounding area.

Prices start from £5.00 for a quality 8 x 6 print (approx size) sizes may vary slightly depending on the original copy, slide or negative.

Please note that all images are printed to order and are reproduced by our studio on quality photographic paper. All orders are posted in hardback envelopes for additional protection.

All images available on this site are either from our own private collection which we have built up over the last 40 years; this includes those purchased when we bought the Memory Lane Shop on Hessle Road, Hull a few years ago.

We continue to add images to the website each month, however if you require a particular image and cannot see it, then please let us know as we may have a copy in our archives. Only a small selection of our vast collection is currently available on-line.

We have thousands of nostalgic images available so please let us take you for a trip down Memory Lane.


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